Youth Education Scholarship (YES) is a name used by several partner student scholarship programs throughout the United States. In some cases partner organizations refer to the program as “Youth Rush” or “Youth Impact,” but they are operated under the same principles and use the same materials. Each program is operated in a similar way, but different administration is provided in each area. Click here to find contact information for individual states.


YES allows youth to benefit communities with quality family literature and earn money for their school tuition at the same time. When you give to a YES participant you can be sure your donation will directly benefit that student. All administrative costs of running YES are covered by outside donors, so 100% of your donation can benefit the students who are working in your community. 

YES provides extensive training so our students understand how to relate to people in a polite and friendly way. They offer their books on a donation basis as they visit homes in your community. Because the donation benefits the student directly it is not considered tax-deductible, although the more you donate the more benefit the student receives for his or her education.

YES programs have been helping people since the early 1990’s. Since the program’s beginning students have received over $15 million in tuition assistance. Click here to see how your donation benefits the student.



For safety and encouragement, our students work in teams. An older, experienced student provides leadership by giving on-the-job training, bringing additional books, and providing a measure of security by driving through the community every few minutes. We also employ additional safety precautions:

  • Students stay in frequent communication with each other and their team leader.
  • Students are not allowed to enter a home unless certain safety protocols are followed.  Some programs require the leader to be present in order to enter the home.
  • YES programs require students to dress professionally and modestly. This encourages professional interactions with people in the community.
  • Leaders are careful to select neighborhoods that are safe.


Youth Education Scholarship is affiliated with the publishers of The Bible Story books, Pacific Press Publishing Association. There are other suppliers for YES materials, but there is a rigorous review process. This process ensures that all materials YES students carry will benefit families, are of the highest quality, and are true to the Bible. While YES is affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church, YES literature is enthusiastically accepted by people of all faiths, including Catholics, Pentecostals, Baptists, Methodists, Orthodox, Presbyterians, Latter-Day Saints, Church of God, Evangelicals, and many others. We realize that not everyone YES students meet is a Christian, so we also carry health-conscious cookbooks and materials for those with a curiosity about the Bible and Christianity. Many people of non-Christian beliefs have welcomed our materials and benefited from them.