Youth Education Scholarship (YES) operates to help young people earn money to pay school tuition. YES programs run during school breaks and in most places only during the summer. Administrative costs for running the program are provided through outside donations, ensuring that 100% of your contribution will benefit the students who are working in your community. If you are interested in donating to the administrative costs of the program you may do so by contacting the administration in your region.


The following chart illustrates how your contribution is used. $10.00 will be distributed as follows: $5.00 will help the student at your door to pay their tuition, $1.5 will help the student leader in your community to pay their tuition, $1.70 covers the cost of the book that you receive when you make a donation, $1.00 covers vehicle rental and gas*, $0.80 goes towards feeding the students*, and $0.10 covers checks that bounce and credit card fees*. 


*A portion of the funds for food, incidental program expenses, and all administrative support costs are provided for outside of the donations students receive—ensuring that 100% of your donation directly benefits the students either through tuition assistance or transportation and food during the summer.